Show us the way; Progressive California

California you could now become the leader of the Green New Deal, and prove that you are the prime mover for the truly New Order for the United States. Shut down all of the carbon emitter’s in your state, stop air traffic across your region, ban all internal combustion engines on your road ways, (I would love to see the rich with their chauffeured  two-seater bicycle), immediately shut down all coal and oil fired power plants, show us how we can just as easily depend on solar, hydro and wind powered energy, put an end to all those diesel electric trains that flow back and forth across your pristine landscape, supporting that most famous economy you always brag about, and close all those plastic production and dependent plants, even those in the Silicon Valley (which could not provide a product with out plastic, i.e phones, note pads, ect.). The new Governor of your superior  intelligent state, can do all this with the stroke of pen, or maybe a pencil, as a ink pen contains the no-no plastic. Show us the way California, be the progressive I know you can be, and once you lead the rest shall follow, and the world will be saved, and the populace richer, if not in monetary means at least in the spiritual satisfaction that we did save the planet, even if the Chinese  smog blanketed the Pacific west coast.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Eddy Toorall


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