Spirit Message of the Day – Let Blessings of Serenity Surround You

Spirit Message of the Day – Let Blessings of Serenity Surround You

“There are times when our focus is on getting things done, and our energy, if it were a color, would be red, yellow, or orange. Sometimes we are growing or nurturing something, and our energy would be green. When we are in pain or mourning, we may say we’re feeling blue, but our energy would look black. If love is filling our lives then pink is the color of the day.”

“*Magick isn’t really colored, but colors are associated with magic and do have power. How do we use white *magick or energy? Many people associate it with peace, harmony, and healing. All of us have times in our lives when we need healing, be it physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional. Depending on the severity of your pain, the services of a professional may be called for, not an oracle. That said, there are cases where you can find healing, peace, and comfort on your own or from those close to you. Also, there are times when you will be called on to provide healing or to restore harmony.” Other times you may be called upon to provide emotional support for friends and loved ones.

“Our White Magick Witch represents the ability to heal and find the serenity that lives in all of us. She is draped in white and purple, the colors of spirituality, purity, and power. She wears a pentagram at her neck, a sign of the dominion of spirit over the earthly elements. Her white candles shine the light of peace and goodness against the darkness of discomfort and evil. Shimmery drops of light fall from her hair. The pale moths represent the transformative effects of healing power.”

“You or someone you care about is in pain. This  card brings with it the power and promise of healing and peace. However dark and uncomfortable it has been, a soothing, gentler time approaches. This card can also represent you in the role of healer or peacemaker. If you find yourself called to help someone else, answer that call. If you focus on the center of white *magick within your soul, you’ll be able to make a difference in someone’s life.”

“If you are in need of some healing or peace-restoring *magick, here is a simple technique. Draw a warm, comfortable bath. Mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with two tablespoons of sweet almond oil, and add them to your bath. Light a purple and white candle (more, if you have them). As you relax in your bath, lie back and close your eyes. Visualize a soft white light filled with a soft, soothing scent and gentle music. Imagine it envelops you, gently supporting your body, casing your senses, quieting your mind. Stay in that safe, healing embrace for as long as you like –or until your bath water gets chilly.”

“To carry healing or peaceful energy with you, anoint a white ribbon with a drop of lavender as you say ‘Heal my body, feed my soul. Feeling healthy is my goal’ and tie the ribbon around your wrist or ankle.”

Today’s guidance is from Barbara Moore’s Enchanted Oracle and book called Destiny’s Portal with card Art by Jessica Galbreth. The author and artist reminds us to “shine brightly because *magickal energy is everywhere and available to everyone. Miracles happen. Deities hear and respond. Life is an amazing  journey. Access and implement *magick into your life. Explore your connections to the past and to nature. Celebrate your glory and your uniqueness. Acknowledge your power. Be beautiful, and be kind.”


To me, *Magick is defined as the “High Art Of” and an active conscientious process of manifestation; which is the art of causing change in accordance with will. If we align our pure heart’s desire with our willingness and good intentions (with no negative thoughts or ill will towards the self or others), aimed only at our personal self, we can expend spiritual energy to visualize the specific changes we wish to see and then fully release it; thus working to make it manifest into our life and part of our reality. This involves setting an expectation with the universe by using faith, trust, confidence, and positive thinking without attachment to specific results, outcomes, and means, but rather focus for being open to infinite possibilities and believing the universe is capable of providing; once you deem yourself ready to receive its blessings. Expect a miracle.

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