Your Love Horoscopes for Friday, March 8 & Saturday, March 9

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

Your curiosity could take you into new territory where affairs of the heart are concerned, perhaps involving a need to reassess or re-evaluate what you felt certain of not long ago. Your emotional and physical needs – and possibly your desires – could be entering a new and potentially thrilling phase. However, you’ll need to be honest about what you want – and don’t want. Certain needs might need upgrading!

Pisces tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

You needn’t rely strictly on words to convey thoughts or feelings now. Your intuition can help you create a powerful link with someone special. Words can come later, as this unique connection needs to be nurtured and strengthened. It’s also possible you could have a clearer understanding of a loved one’s needs than they do – and allowing actions to prove this could thrill them!

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

You have a chance to embark upon a new love life chapter and your curiosity could lead you to venture into new romantic or relationship territory. If you’re single, then the prospect of a new romance with an intriguing person could capture your imagination. If you’re attached, then your heart could push you to remove a love life comfort zone and be a bit more imagination or adventurous in the name of love!

Capricorn tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

Where you might have felt confident about romantic aspirations or a vision of the future of one connection, you could find you feel differently about where something is heading or unfolding now. Revealing your thoughts or ideas could highlight ways in which your freedom is restricted or something within a love relationship is at risk of becoming stifling or smothering. Romantic or relationship progress might require you to identify not only any potential problems but have a solution or two ready!

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

If you’ve pondered your many sexy and fervent visions of your romantic future then guess what? You’re about to receive a cosmic push to take action to make one special vision real. However, if you’re unsure about what you want from matters of the heart, then you can hone your vision until it feels right. Either way, you’re about to feel more openminded and openhearted about embracing your love life future. All that’s needed is one confident step toward a new passionate purpose.

Sagittarius tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

Stress or tension could find a way to permeate your emotional world encourage you to detach yourself and seek some ‘you time’ to get to grips with the cause of both. You could feel uncertain about how obliged you are to someone close and where your responsibility toward them ends. If you sense an imbalance with the levels of dependency in a relationship, then a bit of detachment could help you come up with a solution to address it.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

Your attitude toward affairs of the heart could have altered significantly in the light of recent events but don’t overlook romantic dreams that remain unfulfilled. Don’t be hard on yourself either if you haven’t reached an important romantic or relationship destination yet, because you could still be at an early stage of a new era in your emotional life. Be honest about the romantic dreams that still hold a special place in your heart, because you could be in a better place to fulfill them.

Scorpio tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

What you see in a clear-cut way and not needing any deep assessing or intense conversations could be seen by a loved one as vague, confusing or uncertain. They could be clinging to an idea or vision you let go of long ago and that could be a source of tension at this time. The future you can create together needs common ground to be found first. The more open your conversations are now, the easier it will be to find it.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

Your romantic outlook is superb and although you have many reasons to feel optimistic about the future, you could spend much time looking backward. Whether this is to past lovers or love lessons learned, appreciate the events that have brought you to where you are now. Whether you’re single or attached, you have more experience-based wisdom to draw upon that you might realize. Don’t overlook or underestimate how helpful it can be to make romantic or relationship progress now.

Libra tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

Before opening up or instigating a certain exchange with your sweetheart or potential partner, be clear in your mind about the outcome you want. If there’s any uncertainty or vagueness on your part, then this conversation or discussion could drag on for some time. If you intended for it to steer itself, then you’d be better off biding your time for a while longer before having what could be a far-reaching and transformational discussion.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

You could feel increasingly aware that your heart is where it wants and needs to be, especially if your connection with someone is taking on a new level of profoundness or depth. Serendipitous magic is on offer as you become clearer about how your emotional and physical needs are evolving. New passionate or intimate territory could appear more appealing. Allow yourself to be drawn to it.

Virgo tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

You might find it difficult to remove yourself from a self-created, dreamy world and a loved one might not understand or appreciate your reasons for wanting to escape into a place safe and far removed from mundane routines. However, if this helps to reinvigorate or inspire you, then you’re not harming anyone by immersing yourself in your fantasies. Just keep the journey brief.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

Your generous side could urge you to put less emphasis on material gestures of love and more focus on accepting the simple fact that giving affectionate love is the way to receive it. There are ways to dote on a certain person without the breaking the bank. The more you encourage authentic expressions of love, the more you’ll likely find they come your way – and your bank balance might become healthier from doing so, too!

Leo tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

Romantic or relationship progress could rely on you pushing aside a current conflict as well as certain assumptions. If you sense something told to you by someone close is genuine and from the depths of their heart, then you owe it to them to respond similarly. With plenty of two-way respect, a love life hurdle or awkward obstacle can be seen in a realistic light and be overcome. The more lighthearted you keep discussions, the easier this will be.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

When you put your mind to it, romantic words can flow magically, and you might have a chance to let your poetic side emerge now. This could come in handy if you have a challenging topic to discuss with someone close. However, your words can have a delightful, soothing effect where one’s needed, and this might be needed to keep someone’s defensiveness at bay.

Cancer tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

A new sense of hope could be felt in your emotional world, particularly where you might have sensed your love life was destined to remain in a stalemate situation. You have noticeably more freedom and inspiring opportunities to consider and explore than you might have believed were on offer. These could require you to make a long-term decision or commitment before long, but for now, welcome and embrace the positive change unfolding now.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

Plenty of spontaneous excitement is on offer in your love life, helping your playful side to emerge. However, expecting a loved one or potential partner to keep up with your endless, fervent energy could pose a problem. That means you might have to show a tiny bit of restraint occasionally. Perhaps, that could be best applied to listening more than talking. Someone close might appreciate your willingness to hear them out.

Gemini tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

Something unfolding in your romantic world could feel noticeable easier, more comfortable or less complex at this time. Connecting with someone special could happen effortlessly, and your intuition is unlikely to misinterpret the sexy, romantic vibes coming your way. You have a new passionate purpose to aim for and it can happen with less effort than you might be used to investing. Ride this wave!

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

Your sense of timing could be impeccable when it comes to overcoming a romantic challenge that arises, and all that’s needed is a confidence boost. If stress exists in a special connection, then you’ll know intuitively to leave it alone and allow any negative energy to wane on its own. You’ll also know when to strike when a romantic iron is hot, too. The most profound progress comes from trusting your intuition now – and stepping forward to take action calmly and confidently.

Taurus tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

Progress in your emotional world or with one special connection might rely on you making a compromise in some way This might only involve you being less guarded or willing to be a bit more emotionally vulnerable than you’d normally prefer to be. Taking a relationship to a new level brings demands and changes you’ll need to accept are necessary, but you could be more receptive to doing so now than you have been recently.

Aries Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

If you’ve felt your love life or one special connection has lacked depth, then the cosmos appears keen to line up some kind of profound experience now or shortly. What might have seemed trivial or irrelevant could take on a greater importance and romantic interactions could feel renewed or as if they have more purpose. Don’t try to hasten this process. Leave it alone to work some magic on your behalf.

Aries tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

Romantic or sexual fantasies could occupy much of your thinking time. What might have been seen as fanciful or unlikely where your deepest desires are concerned could feel more attainable once you express thoughts and feelings confidently but calmly to someone close. A loved one or potential partner might need some gentle persuasion about how serious you are about entering exciting – but possibly slightly risqué – territory!

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope

Friday 8th of March 2019

You probably prefer to remove emotional boundaries within a love relationship but might need to define or redefine one or two at this time. This needn’t feel like a chore or something that enhances any feeling of restriction in your emotional world. It might be time to be clearer about a new set of romantic or relationship goals if previous ones aren’t helping to meet your emotional and physical needs. Be honest with yourself about what you want and make some tweaks to a current paradigm to bring it.

Aquarius tomorrow love horoscope:

Saturday 9th of March 2019

Whether you’re single or attached, you could be experiencing new intellectual, emotional and physical bonding now. Your curiosity about someone you’re seeing or where a relationship is heading could encourage you to push the boundaries of what has been safe or predictable until now. You could also experience powerful or profound emotions attached to what’s unfolding now. Even if this is due to experiencing something outside your romantic sphere, it could have a positive effect on your love life.


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