Today’s Extra: Tidying Up Is Trending. Why Not Apply It to Your Life?

Tidying Up Is Trending. Why Not Apply It to Your Life?

As delightful as Marie Kondo appears, the KonMari Method isn’t for everyone. Sometimes a little clutter can be a good thing, right? But the place where decluttering can potentially be most effective is in your life. That’s right, it’s time to ditch those thoughts and habits that don’t “spark joy” and declutter your life. Here are a few ways you can mindfully start Marie Kondo-ing your cluttered mind palace!


Many of us fritter away our time on things we don’t really care about, which is why it’s important to determine what you truly value. Do some journaling and meditating on what you care about most in life.

Aim to create a list of three to five guiding principles that you generally live your life by. Some examples are:

  • wellness
  • aesthetic design
  • movement
  • creativity
  • love
  • optimism
  • making a difference
  • mindfulness

To get the juices flowing, you can find a list of core values to help inspire you here, courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University.

Now, take stock of how you spend your day. What percentage of your day do you spend thinking about and doing things that are fully in alignment with your values? If a portion of your day isn’t, then let’s be honest, whatever it is probably isn’t sparking joy. It may be time to consider making some serious lifestyle changes.

Life is too short to spend on things that aren’t in line with your core pillars—you deserve to be happy.


Stop trying to figure out multiple problems at the same time. When you’re multitasking, you’re actually getting less done.

Researchers at the University of Michigan discovered most people feel productive when they multitask, estimating that they are getting twice as much done. However, in reality the inverse is true. They were only getting half as much done in the same timeframe as subjects who weren’t multitasking.

Be here now, and focus on one thing at a time. Practice mind minimalism—stay steady and focused. The easiest way to practice this? Daily meditation. It’s like giving your mind a good sweeping.


A lot of the time we load our plates with meetings, chores, and tasks that just distract us from what we truly want/need to spend our time doing. Don’t be afraid to say no.

Overscheduling is a little addictive. Stuffing your bloated schedule may make you feel like you’ve achieved some modern semblance of success, but you haven’t. You’re just hurting your health. Think of all the stress, multitasking and mental anguish that comes along with it.

Being busy isn’t as cool as it seems. You’ll feel so much calmer, happier and clearer if you only say yes to things that fuel your core values.

So, is it time to KonMari your home? Maybe, maybe not. While it’s definitely good to clear out clutter, it might be a little drastic for some. After all, a little clutter can be good for creativity and learning. But should you KonMari your life? Absolutely. Get rid of the junk that isn’t serving you. Meditate, practice mindfulness, do some journaling.

Sure, it’s not as easy as tossing things in a trash bag, but with a little practice and effort, you can keep your mind clear, high-functioning and blissful.




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