Your Dark Stars Horoscopes for the Month of April

Your Dark Stars Horoscopes for the Month of April

Jane Lyle, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


ARIES(March 21st-April 20th)

Your birthday month rolls along with the Sun in Aries until 20th April, and an enthusiastic new Moon in your sign on 5th April. This is your astrological new year. So if you’re disappointed with progress so far, it’s a wonderful time for wish lists, plans, and fresh starts. Do make the most of some bouncing, sociable energy around the 15th-16th to see friends, get involved with shared projects, or channel energy into teamwork. You never know where this might lead. Yes, there are a few tricky days from 8th – 13th, but hold off on doing anything too dramatic. If someone or something is fading from your life by the time of that Libran full Moon on 19th, try not to worry too much. Keep talking to others, or communicating creatively about your thoughts and ideas – towards the end of April both Venus and Mercury revitalise your charisma, and boost your natural sense of adventure.



TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

Finding ways to finesse things is wise this month. You can have a positive effect on others if you use your wit, good taste, and love of music. This softly, softly approach eases things along until the Sun enters Taurus on 20th, when your new astrological year begins. Venus, your ruling planet, enters assertive Aries on the same day – so at this point in April you’re likely to veer towards a more stubborn or determined stance. These weeks just before your birthday are always a helpful moment to review plans, routines, hopes and dreams. This year that could be a very lively process, particularly when the Sun meets Uranus in your sign between 20th-23rd. If this is around your birthday, you’ll be surprising yourself and others this coming year. Continue to keep a close eye on your money, and do explore new ways of earning a living or making some extra cash. More opportunities are flowing your way at the start of May, so it’s worth taking the time now to mull over what makes you feel fulfilled. It may not be what you think!



GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

Feisty Mars is in Gemini all month, encouraging you and your inner twin to speak out, or take action. There’s much talk and discussion at work too, and with your ability to spot trends you could pick up on one or two winning ideas or be in just the right place at the right time for a lucky break. Multi-tasking and juggling are big themes for you this month as you pick up on whatever stalled or unravelled in March. Yet you’ll see that any delays haven’t spoiled the longer-term view, and may even have revealed hidden snags and flaws in a plan. Romantically, another full Moon in Libra highlights love and relationships for you, while the days just beforehand (15th-18th) emphasise all kinds of partnerships too. If you’re hoping for something new, this would be the time to focus on that. Or you could finally deal with some unfinished business that’s been holding you back, whether that’s in love or in your working life. Your personal astrology year begins in late May, so why not relax for now, and enjoy being in transition?



CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

Your love of history, antiques, or vintage music and movies is under beautiful planetary influences – so do indulge in some soul food this April, or try to have a day or two beside your salty element, the sea. It’s easy to be distracted by new springtime developments at work, and you may also feel as if you should be making practical changes at home too. But don’t underestimate the power of artistic and creative energy to lift you up or reveal imaginative possibilities. Why not surprise yourself for a change? This is a fertile time for all your friendships and contacts too, as your connections offer stimulating ideas or different perspectives on old conundrums. If stressful disagreements arise mid-month, prepare to play a waiting game if you possibly can. You’ll be in a position to find helpful solutions in early May, when people and partners are likely to be in a more co-operative frame of mind. Meanwhile, remember your words can have real impact this month, and keep talking, writing, and singing in the shower.




LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

If you’re travelling for work, love, or adventure then you’ll be pleased to learn that the planets are the wind in your sails. Even if you’re not on the move, you can explore ideas, study, or plan a trip for another time. A high-energy link between the Sun and Jupiter mid month is a wonderful time to spread your wings in some way. You’ll impress others – perhaps at an interview, on a date, or when making new friends. Later in April, both loving Venus and chatty Mercury are in Aries – firing up your imagination, or inspiring you to start a course, or some kind of regular class. April’s new Moon in Aries (5th) flags up learning as a great place for a new spring start – re-inspiring your everyday world in little ways can open up the portals! New friendship or romance grows from exploring myriad possibilities – large and small. And with eccentric Uranus now in Taurus, your less conventional impulses and ideas are the ones that are likely to spark something special.



VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

April’s lively atmosphere will brighten up your ideas, and encourage you to socialise more often. You’re thinking about what you share with others – from your most important relationships, to financial arrangements and plans. Energy planet Mars is in Gemini all month, firing up your hopes for the future and your desire to take action to manifest improvement or change. Do go at your own pace, and make time to discuss things with those you trust. There are some dreamy influences in the first two weeks that are lovely if you’re on holiday, but swampy and misleading if you’re making practical plans, investing time and cash in a project, or lending money to someone close to you. Keep an open mind, and allow yourself to be surprised by what you experience or discover over the Easter holiday weekend. You’ll find out more in early May. Meanwhile, cultivate curiosity!




LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

One way or another, you must be prepared to compromise and negotiate this month. Others have a lot to say, and may be stubborn or even controlling towards you at home and at work. Or someone is trying very hard to sell you something, yet your instincts are not convinced. However, with 2019’s second full Moon in Libra on 19th April, you’re reaching a peak or harvest time in one situation, and will soon see that a new phase is waiting in the wings. Venus enters Aries on 20th April, marking the start of a more co-operative time in your closest relationships and alliances that will burst into full bloom in May. If you’re concerned about your home or family situation, then you should feel more supported and understood by that time. Do be honest with yourself about what you really want, and don’t be afraid to take a chance or change your mind if you feel that’s the right thing for you to do now.



SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

It’s unlike you to fall for an impossible dream, or believe some ‘fake news’ about either the world, or a close friend. Yet there are some dubious influences around in early April that warn you not to jump on anyone’s bandwagon without using your fantastic intuition, plus some cool-headed Scorpio logic. Eventually, the truth will emerge from this phase of seductive smoke and mirrors, so why not bide your time? This is particularly true when it comes to financial commitments. Paperwork, loans, or other financial negotiations need great care. Otherwise, April’s a bewitching time for art, creativity, love and exploration. If you’ve been neglecting your wellbeing, this is also a moment when you can discover new ways to take care of yourself, get more sleep, or nourish your curious mind. Stretching away from rigid routines or beliefs makes everything more supple in your world. It’s not a waste of time, as you’ll realise around the time of the new Moon on 4th May.



SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

If you need to charm the birds from the trees, now’s the time to make your move. You have extra charisma in April, making this an excellent month for romance, job interviews, presentations, or promoting a new idea. And no need to shout too loudly, it’s better to tune into yourself and what surrounds you – making space for a spontaneous, quirky person or project will work to your advantage too. Just after the Easter break its especially important to make an effort – these days could feel quite tough, yet hold the potential for great rewards if you work hard. In fact, with Jupiter on your side this year, you can reap all manner of rewards if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and maintain a positive attitude. Determination and openness will bring you what seems like luck, yet you will know just how much you’ve done to prepare for those blessings to arrive in your life.



CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

Do certain situations in your life seem stuck? Or are you clinging to some routines that need to be changed or refreshed? Have a think about this, and make your well being a real priority this April. Mars in Gemini favours exercise and movement, variety and discovery. So why not try something different? This theme repeats in your creative and romantic life too, with rebel planet Uranus now settling into Taurus for a shake-up of your expectations, long-held ideas, or conventional beliefs. Similar thoughts occur to you about your career choices – and April’s Libran full Moon (19th) shines on your hopes and desires. Something comes to a head then, as you spend part of your Easter weekend thinking about what you’d like to achieve – perhaps in your very personal life, or in pursuing your ambitions and goals. Both April and May are high energy months for you, so do make the most of it. Seeds sown now will develop in pleasing ways later on in the year.



AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

You’re probably aware of power ploys behind the scenes, or perhaps you simply feel a little uneasy? Certainly, with your revolutionary ruler, Uranus, newly in Taurus you sense things stirring in your own subconscious, and in the world around you. If you do feel stuck or stale, how about rethinking things? You may have some serious financial matters to deal with, but wise Aquarians will make sure they have time to play too. You’ll see things differently once you step off your treadmill. And towards the end of April, things really begin to flow for you. It’s a helpful moment to impress others, or meet up with people. You can attract positive attention, success, or new friendship and romance at this time. Feed yourself and your lively mind by reading, travelling, or signing up for a course. Between now and June is a progressive phase, as wider horizons open out for you. Take it easy, you’re on your way.



PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

You’re a dreamy romantic, sometimes. You’re also a visionary idealist, and often have an uncanny knack of tuning into trends, and the feelings of others. Now, with abundant Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, you have a chance to bring your abilities together and surf those cosmic waves. Your challenge is to stay grounded, and search for practical outlets for all this wild and juicy inspiration. Otherwise, your head will remain in the clouds and nothing much will be achieved. So try not to feel resentful if family members or close friends ask questions or argue with you about your plans this month. They may have a point, and it could help you clarify what you want. Plus, you could invite them to help you out. You’re very charming this April, so keep communicating and you’ll work a little spring magic for yourself. More information and possibilities await you in May.



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