What the Candidates won’t address: Veterans

The Democrat presidential candidate’s are all in a hurry to placate every one but the veterans. The one’s (men and women) in the millions who risked their lives to preserve the governmental system that, the candidates are hell-bent on destroying. The Democrat’s want to give trillions of dollars to anyone who is unwilling to work (Yang; AOC) or for the sins of slavery  (reparations: all of them); I agree this is the most grievous failure that the founding fathers made , in not demanding the abolish of such an inhuman practice. But, to revisit it now, seems  folly, other that to garner votes I see no future in this pursuit. Next, TAXES, we all know the rich don’t pay taxes, and I doubt that it will change, only one gaining from this ploy are the tax attorneys and their fees, which will increase. Drugs, of course the more docile a society is , the easier to control, so instead of feeding them cake, just dope them up. Guns, most do not understand that the Second Amendment was conceived for the propose of protecting the people from the government, that is the basic intend of the founding fathers when this was added. Self protect of course is a given in that amendment. Illegal immigration, speaks for it’s self, and there 320 million opinions of the subject. No need for mine.

Our veterans are our greatest treasure. Those who forgo the normality of our every day life to place their tomorrows in harms way, which some will never see, allowing us to enjoy our todays, deserve our respect and every effort available to insure that their treatment is unsurpassed. The government as well as the people, should never place a monetary figure as a road block to the medical needs, as an obstacle. But where are the candidates on this issue, I have yet to hear one address the needs of veterans. When throwing money to the wind as a promotion, instead of a Green New Deal, lets have a Veterans New Deal, something that would benefit the nation and it’s people. Something that is sorely needed, they never forgot us, let us not forget them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Eddy Toorall


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