Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of April 20th

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of April 20th

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


With the sun moving into creative Taurus, and Venus moving into madcap Aries, we can all enjoy the pleasures of love tinged with a few romantic escapades.

There’s a feeling of warmth from loved ones, a better sense of direction in all close relationships, and some of us may even have commitment or serious bonding on our minds. Whatever the case, use this energy to stir your own love cocktail in any way you desire.



While Venus is still working your sign, there’s really no choice but to open up about your true values. Consider whether you feel under some obligation from others, from your partner if attached, or if single, just from your own sense of self-doubt? Knock them all, metaphorically, on the head, and get on and live.



The Uranian energy will be in your sign for quite a few years, so don’t fear it, go with its flow of impetus, radical ideas and waking up to the truth of who you really are. This week, a sudden realisation occurs that you’re about to embark on a course of romantic fun or you discover exactly the truth about your own feelings and someone else’s. So let the unpredictable aspects of love work its magic for you – it’s now or never to make a commitment to your happiness.



Admirers, lovers or partners are probably more worried about their own self-development than about any spiritual affinity with you right now. But behind any hard-edged ego is also another lonely child who has a soul like your own. This week you can start to make romantic tracks again towards the merger of true soul-mates.



If single, it feels a chapter maybe closing, or maybe a new one beginning? If attached, maybe just a realisation that it’s time to welcome change, or evolve together, rather than apart. This week, all the ‘maybes’ aside, relationship wounds can be dumped, but more importantly, you can free yourself from your attachment to those very psychological injuries.



It’s a time when, if you don’t accept that you need to rethink the way you love, you will simply end up sabotaging your feelings. Similarly, you might deny your desire for someone, saying ‘no, of course I don’t feel that, who me?’ That ‘feeling’ is something you’ve got to now acknowledge and express. With Venus and Mercury in fellow fire sign, hot-headed Aries, it makes sense to crack on and get your message across.



Thanks to the influence of the sun in fellow Earth sign, Taurus, you maintain the charm factor and diplomatic skills to keep relationships light-hearted and creative. This week you face the mirror and realise you are also more self-aware. If single, you draw intelligent characters into your life. In fact, you are natural, seductive, authoritative and balanced again.



If you can be less worried about staying in control of a romantic situation, and more open to what may be, you will discover better communication with someone too. Thanks to Venus and Mercury in your love angle, sexual honesty, tolerance, space and acceptance of your differences is on offer. Try it all out and see how vitalising it can be.



Now no-one likes to be emotionally blackmailed. But there does seem to be someone who’s intent on profiting from your generous heart right now. This week, you really have no choice but to break free from the chains of those who are taking advantage, and show that you have the courage to be a little selfish too.



It’s time to stop telling yourself you’re not good enough to be loved. Also, give up on that distorted thinking where you pick out something negative about your admirer and dwell on it to the exclusion of anything else. Welcome the positive, and you welcome true love into your world.



You’re either falling in love with someone new or tangled up in a love knot. Of course, you might simply obey the ‘rules’ of the love game and play safe. But can you honestly say that you will ‘obey’ anyone apart from yourself? Do whatever it is you have to do your own way, but at least honour your independence.



It’s time to listen, appreciate and open your heart to what you truly want. If you are loving your partner because of their talents, then please remember that you have those gifts too. The planets simply confirm to you that it’s never too late to be as ambitious in love as you are for your future.



This week, you have every opportunity to achieve great personal happiness in any new venture. But remember, there will be times when you feel like you’re having to battle a lover or partner to be heard. So enjoy a little light-hearted banter and some intriguing fun.



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