Good Morning & Long Time No See….

Good Morning dear friends,

I was just made aware of the fact that the professor or main-man-in-charge had took off to do some research overseas. He does that occasionally, especially when his curiosity about a certain subject grabs his attention. He will be back later on this Summer I am told.

Until he returns, I wanted to make a suggestion to you especially if you enjoyed the daily astrology and daily horoscopes I posted. I have recently opened up a new site called, “The Witchcraft Chronicles.” I am well aware that not all of you are interested in witchcraft but….you can always stop by and grab your horoscopes for the day and see what the planets are doing, then leave if you want. Right now, the site is just get up and running so there is not that much info on there right now. But I guarantee you that will change very quickly.

So if you are interested in stopping by and visiting your friendly witch and grabbing your horoscopes, I would be glad to see you. Just give us to Monday, June 10th and we will begin our regular posts for the day. Till then we will be gathering info like mad.

Hope to see you soon,

Have a very blessed Thursday,

Lady of the Abyss

The Witchcraft Chronicles


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